Wounded Peace Dove

Wounded Peace Dove 2022

A Sculpture by Sue Ela


The challenge to create a work of art that would commemorate and honor Picasso's Peace Dove is a difficult task in today's complicated world. The challenging year of 2022 with the pandemic, global warming, natural disasters, war and violence all over the world has made it clear that people everywhere must unite to make the world a better place, a world of peace, freedom and equality.


The concept of the peace dove has been in my consciousness for many years and I have sculpted various versions. For me, the peace dove symbolizes my strong belief that the majority of people on both sides of a conflict want to live together in peace and harmony, despite the prevalence of tension and war that exists in so many places throughout the world.


One side of the "Wounded Peace Dove 2022" portrays a peace dove, while, on the other side we see a couple dancing together. The interplay between the two sides of the sculpture is an expression of coexistence, cooperation and connection, enhancing values of peace, freedom and equality.


The "Wounded Peace Dove 2022" is bleeding, has cracks, crevices and different textures, symbolizing global destruction and turbulence. This sculpture emphasizes the fact  that despite all that is happening today, we cannot allow ourselves to be indifferent and we must work together towards making the world a better place. This sculpture can be casted in any material and enlarged as a monumental piece of public art.