Modiin Sculpture Park

The family sculpture park, based on Sue Ela’s abstract sculpture is experiential, interactive and encourages direct contact between children, adults and sculpture. The sculptures themselves become abstract and magical, stimulating the imagination and allowing familiar and treasured experiences. Two of these interactive sculptures, "Eve" and "Dream" were constructed from cement covered steel structures seven meters long, becoming huge play structures on which children can climb, slide and swing. They were placed in a sculpture park in Modiin, Israel in May 2013 and many children play on them every day.

One of the proposed models of the sculpture park is a "Peace Dove Slide" on which children of all nationalities would be able to slide and play together with the hope that in future generations these children will grow to be adults living together in peace. Sue's dream is to have her sculpture park built as an entire entity.

Construction:  Shuki Kafri

Photography:  Eldad Maestro